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Fair Election Practices Campaign 2021

Due to the continued State-wide and local guidance on physical distancing during the COVID-19 health crisis, the FEPC Hearing Committee will hear formal complaints via Zoom meetings only. Pledge forms and materials required to file a complaint can be found below.

The Fair Election Practices Campaign was established in the 1970s to promote issue-oriented and civil campaigning among candidates for public office. All candidates have been requested to sign a pledge to that effect. The FEPC Committee was established to hear complaints from those who feel their opponent has violated the pledge.

The League of Women Voters/Rochester Metro Area (LWV/RMA) and The Interfaith Alliance of Rochester (TIAR) select the FEPC Committee members. Two members who have been politically involved as Republicans and two as Democrats are selected. In the search for the four members of the committee, a major effort is made to select those individuals who are known for their fairness and sound judgment, and who can be relied upon to give the facts of any case their due consideration and reach conclusions based only on the evidence and not their partisan leanings.

A fifth person is selected as Chairperson. This person must possess a level of honesty, integrity and lack of bias that is recognized by the community at large.

To maintain balance on the FEPC Committee, alternates from each party are also selected to serve in the place of a committee member who is unable to participate in any particular hearing.

The 2021 FEPC Committee members are:  Rob Brown (Chair), Susan Kramarsky, Channing Philbrick, Peter Knapp, Marilyn O’Connor, Jim Peters, Sue Roberts, Patricia Knapp, Ed Jeffries, and Lynda Garner Goldstein.

LWV/RMA and TIAR look forward to a fair, issue-oriented 2021 campaign season.


Candidate Position Sought
Jaclyn Richard Member, Brighton Town Council
Robin R Wilt Member, Brighton Town Council
Christine E Corrado Member, Brighton Town Council
Joseph Klein Commissioner of Schools, RCSD
James L Patterson  Commissioner of Schools, RCSD
Tatiana L Welch    Commissioner of Schools, RCSD
Joshua P Bauroth   Commissioner of Schools, RCSD
Camille A Simmons Commissioner of Schools, RCSD
Desjamebra Robinson Commissioner of Schools, RCSD
Nelson P Lopatin   County Legislature, 14th District
Susan Hughes-Smith County Legislature, 14th District
Dave Long  County Legislature, 16th District
Rachel Barnhart    County Legislature, 21st District
Wanda A Ridgeway County Legislature, 21st District
Mercedes Vazquez-Simmons    County Legislature, 22nd District
Rajesh Barnabas    County Legislature, 24th District
Albert A Blankley County Legislature, 24th District
Carolyn D Hoffman        County Legislature, 25th District
Ricky G Frazier       County Legislature, 28th District
Jennifer Goodrich Voelkl         Member, Hamlin Town Council
Anthony L Hall Jr  Member at Large, Rochester City Council
Jazzmyn M Ivery-Robinson      Member at Large, Rochester City Council
Mitch Gruber Member at Large, Rochester City Council
Victor H Sanchez  Member at Large, Rochester City Council
Brittan Hardgers    Member at Large, Rochester City Council
Jonathan W Hardin Member at Large, Rochester City Council
Miquel A Powell   Member at Large, Rochester City Council
Alexander White   Member at Large, Rochester City Council
Luis A Aponte Member at Large, Rochester City Council
Malik D Evans      Mayor, City of Rochester
Lovely A Warren  Mayor, City of Rochester
Evelyn E Chaffer   Member, Rush Town Council
Caroline Edwards-Morrison County Court Judge

Documents for the Fair Election Practices Campaign 2021

Fair Campaign Pledge 2021

Form for Filing Complaints

FEPC Hearing Procedures

FEPC Press Release

Post-Primary Press Release

The decisions and documents are PDF documents. Depending upon your browser, you may be able to read them in your browser. If not, they can be read using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download the latest version.

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