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Redistricting 2021

District lines are now being redrawn for NYS Legislature, US Congressional and Monroe County Legislature electoral districts. Public hearings have been announced at both the state and county level. Find information on proposed maps and hearings below.

NY Independent Redistricting Commission’s Proposed Maps (released on 9/15/2021)

Proposed maps are available on the Commission website, nyirc.gov. Find more user-friendly access to the maps (issued by LWVNYS) at: https://bit.ly/nyircmaps.

Tips: There are two sets of maps, labeled “Letters” and “Names”. These sets were drawn and supported by the Republican and Democratic appointed Commissioners. For comparison you will also find the 2012 district maps. Click on a district to access map details such as census data.

NYIRC Public Hearings

Draft maps will likely be edited before one or more plans are submitted to the State Legislature. The Commission wants to hear feedback, both positive and negative, on their draft maps. How will these district lines impact your community, your representation, your current legislators? The Commission also welcomes maps drawn by the public.

Rochester Area Hearing:

Thursday October 21, 4:00 PM
Rochester Economic Opportunity Center (REOC)
161 Chestnut St, Rochester 14604

Those who wish to testify in-person should register at https://nyirc.gov/participate by October 19th at 4:00 PM. Written testimony, including suggested district maps, should be submitted at that same site. Additional information about hearings and recordings of prior hearings can be found at https://nyirc.gov/meetings.

Virtual Training on Analyzing Proposed Legislative Maps & Writing Compelling Testimony

Join us for a virtual training on analyzing proposed New York State legislative maps and writing compelling testimony for the upcoming Independent Redistricting Commission Hearings, sponsored by the League of Women Voters of NYS.

Our training will show participants where they can find copies of the Commission's draft maps, give tips on what to look for when analyzing proposed district lines, and share best practices for writing and presenting compelling testimony.

Both trainings will have identical materials. This training is open to the public so please share these events!

Wednesday, October 13 @ 12:00 pm
Click HERE to Register

Monday, October 18 @ 6:30 pm
Click HERE to Register

Tips for Preparing Testimony

Our Handy Guide to Testimony coaches you on how to write straight-forward, compelling testimony. Hint: don't be scared by the word testimony, you want to make a case for something you care about and we help do that succinctly.

Monroe County Legislative Redistricting Process

A Legislative District Revision Commission was appointed on September 14th and has 3 months to produce proposed maps. The Commission has announced public hearings for input prior to completing their draft maps. It is expected that proposed maps will be released sometime after the General Elections on November 2nd. After the maps are released the County Legislature has 3 months to call hearings for feedback on the maps, consider that feedback and vote on the maps. Voters, if displeased with the adopted maps can mount a petition calling for a ballot referendum. We will post a link to the proposed maps once they are released.

See our testimony from MC Commission Hearings for pre-map input

Maps of Monroe County's district maps can be found here: https://www.monroecounty.gov/elections

Information on Greece Town Council and Rochester City Council redistricting is not yet available

Additional Resources: LWV-RMA Forum: Redistricting in New York State Watch our recent redistricting forum.

If the League can be of additional help, send an email to redistricting@lwv-rma.org. We are happy to walk people through the state maps via zoom calls.

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585.262.3730 · info@lwv-rma.org