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Redistricting in Monroe County 2021

The Proposed Maps Were Approved by the County Legislature

The Legislature amended the maps on December 9 and passed them on Dec. 17.

Please Tell the County Executive What You Think of the Maps

The maps were contained within a piece of local legislation, and like all such legislation, it must be signed or vetoed by our County Executive. Executive Adam Bello has announced public hearings to give us a chance to tell him what we think about the legislation. The LWV will be urging the Executive to veto the maps.

When: Jan. 4, 2021, 11AM
Where: County Legislative Chambers, 4th floor of the County Office Building, 39 West Main St.
How? Three ways:
(1) in-person in the County Legislative Chambers
(2) by calling 646-876-9923, Webinar ID: 876 4200 4812 on January 4, at 11:00 A.M.
(3) by submitting written comments to countyexecutive@monroecounty.gov no later than one (1) hour prior to the Hearing.

We'd love to be cc'd on any comments you submit! Just add redistricting@lwv-rma.org to the cc line of your email.

Things to think about:

  • Is my village or neighborhood chopped up into more than one district?
  • Am I included in a district with people with whom I share interests, or was I placed in a district with people whose interests are quite different from mine?
  • Did my town get chopped up a lot?
  • How many towns will my legislator represent?

How Do I Find Out My New District?

The only way to figure out what district you are in is to look yourself up on the old maps using the county website (https://www.monroecounty.gov/etc/voter/). Your actual district may or may not be the same (the lines are being revised, after all!). You can look on the proposed maps and see if you still fall within the same district. If not, you will need to determine what the bordering district is and look at that map. You may find the county wide map useful for that. You may want to download the map to your own computer so you can zoom and scroll easier.

Here's another option for finding your new district. This map has been prepared by the LWV-RMA using the info released by the Commission (revised to show the amendment). So, not official but we think it's accurate. You can zoom in and scroll to find your location. If you have trouble seeing the streets, click on the left column to turn off the map colors until you've found your address. Then you can turn the colors back on to see where the lines cut relative to your location.

District No (with links to old maps) Current Legislator (with links to email them) Proposed map
1 and here Blake Keller proposed 1
2 and here and here Jackie Smith proposed 2
3 Tracy DiFlorio proposed 3
4 and here and here and here Frank X. Allkofer proposed 4
5 and here and here Richard Milne proposed 5
6 Sean McCabe proposed 6
7 and here Brian Marianetti proposed 7
8 Matthew Terp proposed 8
9 and here Paul Dondorfer proposed 9
10 and here and here Howard Mafucci proposed 10
11 Sean Delehanty proposed 11
12 and here Steve Brew proposed 12
13 Michael Yudelson proposed 13
14 Susan Hughes-Smith proposed 14
15 and here George Hebert proposed 15
16 Dave Long proposed 16
17 Maria Vecchio proposed 17
18 and here John Baynes proposed 18
19 Kathleen Taylor proposed 19
20 and here and here and here Robert Colby proposed 20
21 Rachel Barnhart proposed 21
22 Mercedes Vazquez-Simmons proposed 22
23 and here Linda Hasman proposed 23
24 and here Albert Blankley proposed 24
25 Carolyn Delvecchio Hoffman proposed 25
26 and here and here Yversha Roman proposed 26
27 Sabrina LaMar proposed 27
28 Ricky Frazier proposed 28
29 William Burgess proposed 29

Looking at the old maps can be frustrating, since in the towns the maps are provided by town rather than by district. If you need help, feel free to email to redsticting@lwv-rma.org and someone will help you find the right map.

Another Way to Understand What's Changing

There is also a differential map you may find useful. (NOTE: the differential map was done before the plan was amended and does not reflect the amendments to those districts it affects.) It shows which areas have been reassigned from one district to another. It's a little tricky to read. Most of the map carries pretty simple designations of which LD you are looking at (LD09, LD22, etc). Those areas are staying in the same district they were in before. Areas which are being tranferred to a different LD have a longer designation beginning with an N. So area N10_O14 was in LD14 on the old maps but is now in LD10 on the new maps. So N designates the new maps and O the old maps.

Tips for Preparing Testimony

Our Handy Guide to Testimony coaches you on how to write straight-forward, compelling testimony. Hint: don't be scared by the word testimony, you want to make a case for something you care about and we help do that succinctly.

The League's View on the Process

We have not been happy with the process, which has been both rushed and secretive, with unnecessary overuse of matters of urgency to avoid advance disclosure of proposed legislation. We are especially distressed that virtually all testimony at the public hearings held in October, November and December was not reflected in the new maps and the Commission never once discussed any of it. Because of that and because of flaws in the maps as passed, we are urging Executive Bello to veto them. The approved districts split up many neighborhood associations in the city, the villages of East Rochester and Brockport, and needlessly cut up several towns.  Brighton and Henrietta are divided among four legislative districts, while two legislators must divide their time between four towns.  We can do better than this!

See our press release at the time the maps were released and the hearing and vote scheduled: The Monroe County Legislature Is Not Cinderella and the Clock Doesn’t Strike for Redistricting at Year’s End.

See our testimony from MC Commission Hearings for pre-map input

Watch our Sept 14 redistricting forum explaining how the redistricting process works.

Watch our Nov. 8 forum, in which we examined the old maps: https://youtu.be/9Ccw2kmGpQ4

Information on Greece Town Council and Rochester City Council redistricting is not yet available

Timeline of County Redistricting

Sept. 14 At a regularly scheduled meeting of the County Legislature, a Monroe Legislative Distict Revision Commission was appointed. The matter was included under a matter of urgency, meaning it did not go through normal committee structure and wasn't on the agenda until the day of the meeting.

The County Charter states that the membership consists of Board of Elections Commisioners, the President of the Legislature, and one person selected by legislative members of each represented political party. The members appointed were Legislature Pres. Dr. Joe Carbone (R); the two Election Commissioners, Lisa Nicolay (R) and Jackie Ortiz (D); Legislator Steve Brew (R); and Legislator Joshua Bauroth (D).

Within three months of being impaneled (see section C-3 of the County Charter), the commission must make recommendations on district boundary changes based on population data and in accordance with all applicable laws.

See the meeting here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogk2qPBSqkI
Sept. 28 1st meeting of Commission, called on very short notice

Met to schedule public hearings. See the meeting here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yp48Yo8ZgMs
Oct. 13 First public hearing held in Mendon. Despite the schedule being decided on Sept. 28, information on time and place of the hearing was not available on the County website, nor was information on how to register to submit testimony, either via email or in person. Phone calls to the Legislature asking for these details were not returned. Two members of the public showed up to testify (both LWV members) and one member of a neighborhood association emailed in testimony about how his neighborhood had been divided by the old lines and requesting unification. Though written statements were provided to the clerk by two of the three people testifying, they were not included in the minutes of the meeting.

The meeting was not videotaped, but it was recorded on a cellphone and the audio is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5Fs4m_yTn0
Oct. 14 Second public hearing held at the County Office Building. Eight members of the public testified in person and their testimony was summarized in 2-3 sentences. Seventeen emails were read and included in the record. There was a consistent theme of requesting that neighborhoods should not be divided up into multiple districts.

See the meeting here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzgU4ouf4iI
Oct. 15 Third public hearing, in Hamlin. Ten or eleven speakers spoke in person and numerous email testimonies were read into the record. The speakers' comments were summarized in a couple of sentences each in the minutes and the emailed testimonies were not included in the minutes.

An audio recording of the the meeting is here:
Nov. 9
At the regularly scheduled County Leg meeting, Legislator Hebert introduced a resolution authorizing the Legislative District Revision Commission to retain professional services for purposes of ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local laws. It was the 62nd item on the agenda and included as a matter of urgency, that is with no prior notice and not passing through normal committees.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsZ2D7VLzzM&t=2s Redistricting portion of meeting starts at 2:26:17.
Nov. 12 2nd meeting of Commission, called on such short notice that only two members showed up and the meeting failed for lack of a quorum. You can see the meeting here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHI4tF9rZHQ
Nov. 23 Special meeting of Legislature
Adopted as a matter of urgency a resolution “authorizing contract with Fusco Law Office for professional legal services for the development of reapportionment mapping and associated services.” Several amendments were made to correct mistakes in the drafting of the resolution.

Draft of resolutions is here.

Recording of meeting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbBAsaK9UMA
Nov. 29 2nd actual meeting of Commission
Two attorneys (Adam Fusco and John Ciampoli) and a demographer were present.
Apparently, maps were sent to legislators the day before the meeting; maps were changed “late last night”. There was no written copy of the resolution that was passed. Maps were approved by Commission to submit to legislature. Recording of meeting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NH-0JCTU93E&t=2446s
Nov. 30 Special meeting of Legislature. As of 2:10 pm, no notice or agenda was available on the website for the 5:30pm meeting. The proposed maps were moved for adoption by the legislature. No plans had been made to release the maps to the public but such plans were requested at the meeting and the maps have now been posted on the county website. Once the motion to adopt the recommended changes to the maps was made, it was tabled. A special meeting of the Legislature was scheduled for December 9 to hold a public hearing and act on the proposed action.

The Legislature has three months to hold a public hearing and approve any changes (see section C-5 of the Charter). Once the Legislature has approved revisions to the districts they can be challenged by a permissive referendum.

Dec. 9 Special meeting of the Legislature
This was the official public hearing required by the County Charter. Approximately 65 members of the public submitted comments by email. They were read by the clerk, who truncated each one at 2 minutes.

Legislator Flagler-Mitchell introduced an amendment to the proposed maps, saying the Black and Asian caucus had no input to the maps and didn't trust the process. The proposed amendments affected LDs 21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, and 29. No real explanation was given of what the purpose of the amendment was. Maps were flashed on screen.

There was some discussion and then the amendment was passed. It was stated that the legislation now cannot be voted on until seven days have passed. It was also stated that they Legislature is not required to hold more hearings, but they will.


Dec. 14 Regularly scheduled County Leg session
Dec. 17 Special session of the Legislature.
Once again, citizens weighed in during the public comment part of the meeting, asking for changes to the proposed districts. However, the Legislature passed the amended districts.

Jan. 1 New County Legislature will be sworn in.
Jan. 4 County Executive Adam Bello holds hearings on legislation passed Dec. 17.
Jan. 10 County Executive Adam Bello vetoed the redistricting legislation and proposed creation of an independent redistricting commission

If the League can be of additional help, send an email to redistricting@lwv-rma.org. We are happy to walk people through the proposed maps via zoom calls.

P.O. Box 10573 · Rochester, NY · 14610
585.262.3730 · info@lwv-rma.org