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Learn about how to register for the presidential election. The deadline is Oct. 9.

Check on your Voter Registration or download the forms to update your Voter Registration, register to vote or apply for an absentee ballot on the Monroe County Board of Elections website.

Early Voting

Early voting is a great alternative to absentee voting or election day voting. There are 12 early voting sites open over a 9 day period. Anyone can go to any site. Voting is in person and your ballot is scanned immediately. If you make a mistake, you can get a new ballot. Your vote will be counted and reported on election day. All early voting sites will follow COVID precautions. There is no history of long lines during early voting.

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Absentee Voting

Due to the Covid pandemic, any voter can vote absentee (by mail) this year. You can request a ballot online here: https://absenteeballot.elections.ny.gov/.

Your ballot must be postmarked by Nov. 2 and must reach the Board of Elections during the week of the election. Mails are currently unreliable, and we recommend that you mail your ballot as soon as possible. You may also deliver your absentee ballot to an early voting site or a polling place on election day, to ensure that it reaches the Board of Elections in a timely fashion. There will be drop boxes for ballots at early voting sites so you won't have to wait in line to check in. You may have a trusted person deliver your ballot.

Election Day Voting

Election day is Nov. 3. If you vote on November 3, you must vote at your assigned polling place. Find your polling place on the Monroe County Board of Elections website. Your polling place may have changed from past elections, and it may change at the last minute. We recommend that you check it right before you vote.

Sample Ballots and How to Mark Your Ballot

Click the image to download. This sample ballot can help first time voters understand what the voting process is like. For any particular voter, we recommend using VOTE411.org to see what races will be on their ballot.

Be sure to mark your ballot carefully, or it may be rejected in whole or in part. Learn more about marking it here: Make Sure Your Vote Counts

Voting for Young People

We have a few materials aimed at young voters.

Three Reasons Young People Should Vote flyer.  Click to download flyer.Click the image to download our flyer on Three Reasons Why Young People Should Vote

How to Make Your Voice Heard

Read Making Your Voice Heard: How you can influence government decisions

Voter registration and turnout in Monroe County by census tract. Explore the data with our interactive visualization.

For more details and the latest information, visit the Monroe County Board of Elections website, https://www2.monroecounty.gov/elections-index.php

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