Be Informed

The League of Women voters is dedicated to educating voters about the critical social and political issues of the day. To the end, we provide several programs.

Educational Forums

The Rochester League holds regular forums to enlighten the public about important political issues. Our forums have addressed issues such as redistricting, police accountability, voting rights, and the effect of social media on democracy. Most of our forums are recorded and can be watched on our YouTube channel.

Observer Corps

The LWV-RMA tries to stay on top of local government bodies by having observers attend and make notes on what was discussed. We welcome new members to choose a body and become an observer. There are many we don't currently cover. Below is a list we do cover, with links to our notes on previous meetings.


This national resource has all the information you need to be an informed voter.

Personalized Voting Information

  • See What's On Your Ballot
  • Check Your Voter Registration
  • Find Your Polling Place
  • Get Early Voting Dates and Times
  • Find Upcoming Debates In Your Area
  • And Much More!

Explore Voter Information by State

  • State Voting Rules
  • Upcoming Election Dates & Registration Deadlines
  • Absentee Ballot Process
  • Candidate and Ballot Measure 
  • And Much More!

Are You a First Time Voter?

Don‘t Worry, VOTE411 has a checklist to make voting for the first time stress free!

The LWV Rochester Metro Area Book Club

The LWV-RMA book club reads both fiction and non-fiction books relating to critical political and social issues. See a list of our past and future books here. Our discussions of the books each month are lively, informed and far-reaching, Both LWV-RMA members and non-members who have read the book are welcome to participate. 

Meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month from 4:30 to 5:30pm. Meeting dates and each month's book will also appear on the Calendar. Meetings are held on zoom. For more information, call the League at 585.262.3730 or write to