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FORUM: Five Proposals to Amend the New York Constitution

Tuesday, October 12, 2021 at 7:00 P.M. via Zoom

On October 12, we will consider the ballot proposals that all New Yorkers will find on the back of their ballots this fall. In many elections there are no ballot proposals, in some there are one or two. This year, we have five chances to change the New York Constitution.
In order to get on our ballots, these proposals were passed by two successive legislatures. To become law, they require our approval via this referendum.

Proposal 1 is the longest and most complicated and defies easy summary. It revises the amendment that was passed in 2014 to create the Independent Redistricting Commission which is currently at work attempting to draw our new electoral lines without partisan gerrymandering. The 2014 amendment, now part of the NYS Constitution, contains several rules designed to ensure that it’s not possible for one party to control the whole process, even if it holds a majority in both houses. Proposal 1 would undo some of the complicated rules put in place to protect the minority party. Other changes would add to the Constitution requirements that incarcerated individuals shall be counted as living in their last place of residence, and not prison, for purposes of redistricting (it is currently state law) and that NYS shall count non-citizen and Native American residents for purposes of redistricting, in case the Federal Census fails to include them in its count.

For the October 12 Zoom meeting, we will have with us Jennifer Wilson, our New York State League Deputy Director and in-house lobbyist, who will help us understand the proposal and its consequences.

Proposal 2 would give us all the right to clean air, clean water, and a clean environment. At our forum, we will be joined by Abby McHugh-Grifa, Executive Director of the Climate Solutions Accelerator. LWVNYS has endorsed this proposal.

Proposal 3 would eliminate the requirement in our constitution for voters to register ten days in advance, opening the possibility for same-day voter registration.
Proposal 4 would allow anyone to vote absentee, with no excuse required.
Proposal 5 would change the cap on claims that can be heard in NYC’s Civil Court.

Join us on October 12to learn more. Register to attend at

Our online voter guide is now live. Check it to find out who will be on your ballot. Many candidates have not yet responded to our questions. If you know a candidate who hasn't, remind them!

Note especially the 5 constitutional amendments which will be on the back of our ballots.

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This year there are contested elections in a multitude of towns, LDs, the city, some villages, and for judges. The League is attempting to organize candidate forums for all the contested elections. Learn more.

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