Cast Your Vote

The right to vote is fundamental in a democratic society. In order to make your voice heard, you must:

1. Register

Registering is easy as long as you are:
To register, get a registration form:
Fill out the form and return it by mail or in person. Be sure to complete it legibly!
If you have an account with the DMV, you can also register online via any Monroe County DMV website.
Find special information for college students
Find special information for people with criminal convictions
To check your registration, go to the Monroe County BOE website and just fill in your address.

2. Vote!

Go to the Monroe County BOE for:
Can't get to the polls because you are ill or incapacitated, or will be out of town during the election? You need to vote absentee:
Want to know your elected officials, and how to contact them? See the League publication Who Represents You
Want to get the latest election information, covering all of Monroe County and NY state? Text VOTEMONROE to 474747 for text alerts. We won't flood you with texts, but you'll know everything you'll need to know. Cancel at any time.

Want to learn more about how your vote counts? Read the New York State League's Citizen Lobbyist.