November 16th 2021

The local monitoring report for October was given by Kevin Loewke. Eleven non-compliant workers were
identified at one project due to problems in finding local framing carpenters. The current overall compliance
rate at the Amazon Manitou project is 64%; however they are subject to a special compliance rate of 70%.

Requests for sales and recording tax exemptions and real property tax abatements were approved for the
following applications:

• Home Leasing LLC for the acquisition and redevelopment of the Hickey Freeman Building on North Clinton
Avenue, to create a mixed use and mixed income residential community. The project will create 134 units for
low-income seniors and include over 77,000 square feet of manufacturing space for Hickey Freeman.

• Aptitude Rochester LLC for building a student residential facility, to be known as ROC River Apartments, on
a parcel on East River Road in West Henrietta. The project will include 6 three-story buildings with 201 units,
494 bedrooms and a variety of amenities.

• Germanow-Simon Corporation, a manufacturer of precision polymer optics, for expansion of their existing
manufacturing facility on Emmett Street in Rochester. The expansion is needed to fulfill a new contract and
in anticipation of future growth.

The following requests were approved:

• Innovation Partners ROC LLC requested an increase in project costs of $21.9 million for Phase 2 of the Xerox
Square redevelopment and an extension of the sales tax exemption through December 31, 2022.

• The I-Square project requested an extension of the sales tax exemption to June 30, 2023 due to a longer
than anticipated construction period.

• The Meadows at English LLC requested an extension of the sales tax exemption through December 31, 2022
due to project delays.

• 300 Trade Court Holdings LLC requested an extension of the sales tax exemption through December 31,
2022 for its project in Chili due to project delays related to the pandemic.

• Apex Rochester LLC is selling its student housing complex and requested the assumption of the real
property tax abatement by the new owner of the project.

• 2018 Gateway Hotel LLC requested approval to assume the existing real property tax abatement for a
project in Greece.

Kristin Sine-Kinz, Acting Vice President, Economic Development, Workforce and Career Technical
Education, at Monroe Community College, gave an update on the Mpower partnership between
COMIDA and MCC. The program promotes training in IT, advanced manufacturing, and health
care industries. The total number of students served last quarter was 213. Several new programs have started
with more in development for the new year. For more information, go to:

An Executive Session was called to discuss current or pending litigation. 

Observed by Deborah Rice Gordon