March 8th 2022


Support for the people of Ukraine was announced during proclamations. Members of SCOPE once again asked the legislature to change the Monroe County Charter to allow firearms in County Parks. Mr. Matthew Fero was reappointed and Ms. Sheila Ragus Mason was appointed to the Monroe County Water Authority. The terms expire March 1, 2027.

The Daily Record and the Rochester Business Journal were designated as the official newspapers for the publication of local laws, notices, and matters required by law for publication.  Seven new positions, five upgrades and one reclassification were approved for the Public Defender’s Office along with nine new positions for the Conflict Defender’s Office. This is part of a statewide expansion. Thomas J. Frys, P.E., was appointed as Director of Transportation effective immediately. 

The Legislature unanimously authorized spending up to $3,130,000 to reconstruct the Children’s Pavilion at Highland Park. The County accepted a grant from New York State to create one new position in the Monroe County Conflict Defender Office. An agreement between the Monroe County Executive and the CSEA Local 1000 part-time employee unit was approved. The Legislature reconvened the Legislative District Revision Commission. The following legislators will serve on the committee: Sabrina Lamar(R) Chairwoman, Robert Colby (R), and Rachel Barnhart (D), as well as County Elections Commissioners Lisa Nicolay (R) and Jackie Ortiz (D). Daniele Lyman-Torres was appointed to the Monroe Community College Board of Trustees. In accordance with the rules of the Legislature, the President of the Legislature appointed Sean M. Delehanty (R) and the Majority Leader appointed Richard B. Milne (R) to the Climate Action Plan Advisory Committee.