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Kevin Loewke gave a local labor monitoring report. During the month of April, 14 of 415 workers monitored did
not have proof of residence; these issues were resolved. At last check, the percentage of local laborers working
at the Amazon Manitou site was 72.1%.

Brian LaFountain reported on one request for local labor exemption for masonry work based on cost differential.

Project Application Review:

Requests for sales tax exemptions, recording tax exemptions and/or real property tax abatements were
approved for the following applications:
• Ambassador Union Street, LLC for the renovation of the existing Ambassador Building at 84 and 86 South
Union Street, Rochester for conversion to a Marriott Tribute Portfolio hotel.
• Lu Engineers, Inc. for relocation and expansion of their offices to 280 Broad Street, Rochester.


The following modification requests were approved:
• Aptitude Rochester, LLC requested an increase in project costs for their student housing project in Henrietta
due to site and building cost increases. The increase will impact sales tax and mortgage recording tax
exemptions. A request was also made to release lot 2 from the pilot document due to a subdivision of the
• 587, LLC requested an increase in project costs for their apartment complex project and the
addition of a mortgage recording tax exemption.
• Porcione Properties, LLC requested approval for a new tenant at their facility in Gates.
• Community Preservation Partners, LLC requested approval for the issuance of tax-exempt
revenue bonds for the renovation of the Keeler Park affordable housing buildings.

Patrick Gooch, a Senior Planner with Monroe County Planning and Development, presented an update on the
County Comprehensive Plan which had received a COMIDA grant. The last plan was created in the 1970s. The
project schedule has been extended by three months due to the pandemic. The finished planning document is
expected to be completed in December with adoption by the County Legislature in the early part of 2023. For
more details, see the YouTube link above.