JUNE 14TH 2022


The County recognized the heroic efforts of first responders and their colleagues who were able to rescue a man trapped in a burning car that was involved in an accident on Salmon Creek Road. 

During the Public Forum several individuals from a group called New York Citizens cited statistics from an audit they conducted that they claimed showed discrepancies in voting results from the 2020 General Election and argued that it should be decertified. They also claimed at least one of the Dominion voting machines was hacked.

A public hearing was set for July 12 at 6:15 P.M. on the 2023-2028 proposed Capital Improvement Budget
proposed by County Executive Adam Bello. 

A project labor agreement was passed for the Specialized Secure Detention Facility Capital Project.  The
agreement provides for 10-hour work days, limited holiday pay, minimized flexible shift times to help create
uniform starting and quitting times, and adds 48 more staff to manage 48 more beds for youth offenders.
The 2022 Operating Budget was amended to add a new admission category for the Seneca Park Zoo. Recipients of SNAP benefits will be eligible for a reduced fee of $1 for admission of up to four individuals. This move is designed to increase educational and recreational opportunities for our vulnerable populations. Officials expect this to increase attendance and income for the zoo.

The following appointments were confirmed to the Monroe County Civil Service Commission:
 Mr. Donald O. Chesworth for a term expiring May 31 2026
 Mr R. Michael Loewke for a term expiring May 31, 2026
 Mr. Edward F. Premo II for a term expiring May 31, 2028
 Ms. Joanne Giufridda for a term expiring May 31, 2028.

The 2022 Operating Budget was amended to appropriate the fund balance for Violence
Response Initiatives of Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and create 11 more Deputy Sheriff Road
Patrol Positions. Several legislators pointed out that root causes must be addressed to deal with
increased violence.

The Legislature authorized the following Monroe County Bonds:

• $2,500,000 to finance the cost of the Wolk Health Center Project at Monroe Community College;
• $16,000,000 to finance the renovation of  City Place Project; and
• $500,000 to finance the cost of the STD Clinic Relocation Project.

The following were appointed to the Board of Trustees to the Monroe County Library System:
 Ms. Kimberly Brown for a term expiring June 30, 2026
 Ms. Amy Moffitt for a term expiring June 30, 2027.