June 21 2022


This COMIDA meeting can be viewed at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRyqSLU6-A4 Kevin Loewke gave a local labor monitoring report. From May 1 - 31, the residency of 526 workers was checked, with 8 having a non-compliance issue. The percentage of local laborers at the Amazon Manitou site was 71.4%. Brian LaFountain was not present to give a local labor exemption report. However, the Board discussed a canopy installation at an Amazon site that may involve an exemption.

Requests for sales tax exemptions, recording tax exemptions and/or real property tax abatements were approved for the following applications:

• Lemcke Real Estate Holdings, LLC for the construction of three buildings at 1921 Brighton-Henrietta Town Line Road in Henrietta. One building will house the offices and shop for RAL Landscape, Inc. and the others will be rented to businesses.
• O’Connell Electric Company, Inc. for the construction of offices and training facilities at 390 Systems Road in Henrietta.
• 120 Marina Drive, LLC for the construction of corporate headquarters for DiPasquale Construction Corporation and Garden Grove Construction Corporation. A portion of the building will also be made available for leasing.

The following modification requests were approved:
• Vigneri Chocolate for an increase in project costs and an extension of the sales tax exemption through December 31, 2023;
• Panorama Landing, LLC for an extension of the sales tax exemption through December 31, 2022 for its Pittsford project;
• Sticky Bottle, LLC for an extension of the sales tax exemption until December 31, 2022 for its Rochester Public Market project.

• Program support was requested by the Summer Soul Music Festival to help fund a community job fair at the Festival. An amount not to exceed $7500 was approved.
• Program support was requested by the Ibero-American Action League to support vendors at the International Plaza at 828 North Clinton Avenue. An amount not to exceed $25,000 was approved.
• A letter of intent for the purchase of two parcels of land has been received. The prospective buyer intends to establish a truck company terminal and truck repair shop. The Board voted to authorize the Executive Director to negotiate and execute this purchase and sale agreement.
• In an attempt to lessen employee turnover, Monroe County will be giving employees $500 retention payments on a quarterly basis. Since COMIDA follows county personnel policies, a proposal was made to pay employees $500 quarterly payments for 18 months, totaling $3000 per employee. The Board approved the proposal and also discussed tracking economic factors and employee feedback to determine the possible need for further adjustments.