July 19th 2022


This COMIDA meeting can be viewed at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wne5nClqy14 A local labor monitoring report was given. From June 1 - 20, the residency of 604 workers was checked with 19 having a non-compliance issue. Seven of those workers were from out of the area. The percentage of local laborers at the Amazon Manitou site was 69.9%. As of June 30, all monitored sites are in compliance.

Two local labor exemption requests were discussed. One involved a proprietary assembly system used by Li-Cycle for industrial-sized tanks. The Board discussed concerns about possible unfair bidding processes and the utilization of proprietary systems that may discourage the use of local contractors. The second exemption involved the Plug Power project and was requested because the local plumber and pipefitters union was at full employment.

Requests for sales tax exemptions, recording tax exemptions and/or real property tax abatements were approved for the following projects:
• Flower City Roll Off, LLC for the construction of a building at 25 Cairn Street in Rochester. This location will serve as an office, mechanical garage, and storage for equipment while also enabling the expansion of their truck and dumpster business.
• Whitney Housing 1, LLC for the expansion of The Legends at Whitney at 696 Whitney Road in the town of Perinton. The project will include 41 market-rate senior (55+) living apartments with 10% of the units designated as affordable.

The following modification requests were approved:
• Wolf Solar, LLC and Mantisi Solar LLC for extension of the sales and mortgage recording tax exemptions for their solar energy projects in the town of Sweden. This application has been assumed by CVE North America and is therefore considered a new project. The new State requirement for a prevailing wage for solar projects over 1 megawatt was discussed.
• 135 Syed Way, LLC for the assumption of the jobs agreement plus real property tax abatement following an acquisition of the project in Gates.
• Genesis Vision Inc. for a sales tax extension through December 31, 2022.
• 3750 Monroe Avenue Associates, LLC for extension of a sales tax exemption through December 31, 2022.
• Riverwood Tech Campus, LLC for an extension of a sales tax exemption through June 30, 2023.
• Sibley Commercial, LLC for an increase in project costs and an extension of a sales tax exemption through June 30, 2023.
• 3153 Union Street, LLC for an extension of a sales tax exemption through December 31, 2022.
• Marketplace Mall requested that COMIDA amend the pilot agreement payment schedule with respect to the 2023 Town of Henrietta and Monroe County tax years and the 2022-2023 Rush Henrietta School District tax year.

• An update from the Compliance Committee was given. A motion to grant job creation waivers for several pilot programs was approved.
• Two economic development specialists have been hired.

An executive session was called. The reason was not given. The Board adjourned afterward.