Monroe County Legislature 12/13/2022

The Legislature held a moment of silence to remember the passing of former Monroe County District Attorney Howard Relin.

The legislature held a moment of silence to remember the passing of Nan Johnson a former county legislator and ardent feminist.


Rocky Fratto, a local boxing legend and Johnny Vega an esteemed Latin musician were honored by the Legislature in separate proclamations.

Public Forum

Jessica Kilpatrick, a County child protective worker spoke once again to the legislature about the shortage of child protective workers in Monroe county which puts the children of this county in jeopardy.

Keep Penfield Green thanked the legislature for passing the Climate Action Plan and asked for the establishment of multiple compost centers to keep food waste out of landfills.

The President of the Monroe County  Airport Firefighters Association encouraged the legislature to approve the contract they agreed to with the county. He noted that “it was nice to negotiate with mutual respect and not be belittled the entire time”.

The director of MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) Advocacy told the legislature that RG&E’s “smart meter” rollout is a danger to the health of our community.  The radio-frequency information collection devices have been banned in many countries and in the state of New Mexico according to the speaker.  


The legislature authorized grant contracts and appropriations transfers pursuant to the American Rescue Plan Act.

$1,000,000 from the general fund was authorized to finance initiatives by the Climate Action Plan-Phase 1.

The Leg approved the contract with the Monroe County Airport Firefighters Association unanimously.

Observed by Elaine Schmidt