Monroe County Legislature 3/14/2023

Public Forum

Several citizens told their story of extremely high bills and poor customer service from RG&E.  Many called for the end of RG&E and the establishment of a municipal utility service. A municipal utility would likely lower costs for consumers, make decisions locally and invest profits locally.  Metro Justice is supporting a $1,000,000 study of the feasibility of a public utility here in Rochester.

A  local woman who claimed to be an employee of RG&E said she works with people to try to resolve billing issues and that the company “hears you.”

Local bicyclists and members of Reconnect Rochester asked for the maintenance of current bike trails and the creation of more connecting trails in Monroe County.

Citizens continue to request composting facilities in Monroe County to support environmental concerns.

A public hearing was set for April 11 at 6:15pm on local law entitled “amending the code of ethics of the County of Monroe.”

Most of the agenda was passed with one vote since the public forum lasted for more than 3 hours.

Observed by Elaine Schmidt