Special Meeting 12/23/2022

Special Meeting  12/23/2022. Observed via Zoom by Elaine Schmidt 

Public Forum
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Amending Monroe County Charter and Administrative Code relating to legislative district boundaries and term of members of county legislature.

A public hearing was set for above resolution.

Special Meeting Monroe County Legislature 12/29/22. Observed via Zoom by Elaine Schmidt 

Public Hearing
Terrance Schnur, Robin Wilt, Rev. Myra Brown and President of League of Women Voters Barbara Grosh, Dr. Lisa Young addressed the legislature.

Public Forum
Terrance Schnur

The Monroe County Legislature passed a historic redistricting map providing 6 Black majority districts.  Leg Barnhart stated that in addition to creating 6 Black majority districts the map also protected incumbents of both parties.  Leg Blankley steadfastly refused to support any map drawn by incumbents and will propose a non political plan to draw district maps in the future.