May 2023 Meeting Summary

Summary of COMIDA Meeting for May 16th, 2023
Observed by Deborah Rice Gordon
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Monitoring reports:
A local labor monitoring report was given by Kevin Loweke.  In April, the residency of 870 workers was checked with 33 having a non-compliance issue.  As of April 30st, all monitored sites were in compliance.  The percentage of local laborers at the Amazon Manitou site was 72.3%.   
A local labor exemptions report was discussed by Brian Lafountain.  Five exemptions were driven by cost differential,  a lack of local labor for specialized jobs and shortages of local labor in concrete framing and steel work.  In the case of cost differentials, the significant differences in bids raised questions and a request for investigation.
The financial report for April was discussed.  Cash is down $1.5 million from 2022 year end, which was expected due to a reduction of new project-related fees in 2023. 
Project Application Reviews:
Requests for sales tax exemptions, recording tax exemptions and/or real property tax abatements were approved for the following projects: Executive Director Report