September 2023 Meeting Summary

Summary of COMIDA Meeting for September 26th, 2023
Observed by Deborah Rice Gordon
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Monitoring Reports:
Kevin Loweke gave a local labor monitoring report. In August, the residency of 725 workers was checked with 31 workers having a non-compliance issue involving residency or identification.
Brian Lafountain discussed a local labor exemption report. The exemption was related to the installation of a gypcrete floor at Home Leasing LLC.  No local union members were available for this work.
The financial report for August was discussed.  At this point in the fiscal year, over $5.1 million has been generated for the Workforce Development Program over the past 2 years.  Of that, almost $4.6 million has been committed and $500,000 is left to support future programs.  

Project Application Reviews:
Requests for sales tax exemptions, recording tax exemptions and/or real property tax abatements were approved by the Board for the following projects: Project Modifications: 
The following modification request was approved: Compliance Committee Report: Executive Director Discussion: An executive session was called to discuss litigation matters. The meeting was adjourned afterward.