Monroe County Legislature Meeting 2/13/24

Monroe County Legislature Meeting 2/13/24
Observed by Elaine Schmidt via YouTube 


Garth Fagan was honored by the Legislature for his many accomplishments in the world of dance and theater.

Radio station WGMC JAZZ 90.1 celebrated 50 years of serving the Rochester community and was honored in a proclamation.

Public Forum

A representative of the Farm Bureau spoke about current programs.  She mentioned a concern that solar fields are taking up fertile agricultural lands.


Julie Cianca was reappointed Public Defender by a 22-5  roll call vote. 

Mark Funk was reappointed as Assigned Counsel Administrator regarding the Conflict Defenders Office and the Assigned Counsel Program.

A Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Federation of Social Workers and the Monroe County Executive was approved unanimously.

Peter D Elder was appointed as the Republican Elections Commissioner.

Christopher H Corcoran was reappointed as trustee to the Monroe County Library System.