March 12, 2024 Monroe County Legislature

Before the Leg started Chairperson Roman noted that March is Women’s History Month.

The Pirate Toy Fund was honored for their work in the community.

Several citizens petitioned the Leg to ban the use of toxic chemicals on Monroe County lands. The speakers spoke about the dangers to our health, and the health of our pets and to the fact that the fastest growing neurological disease, Parkinson’s Disease, is tied to exposure to toxic chemicals. 

A resident of the Pittsford area said that many people who have been participating in the food scraps project are disappointed and have stopped participating in the program.  The food scraps are being trucked to a bio digestion plant, turned into methane and burned for electricity.  The resident wants composting centers in the area although she admits that the bio digestion plant may be an effective use of food scraps.

Many citizens asked that the Israeli flag in front of the County building be taken down or that the Palestinian flag be added.  All the speakers spoke against the killing of thousands of Palestinian civilians by Israel.

Part of the agenda was passed by one vote.

The Leg passed a resolution to negotiate a lease to possibly expand the Federal Express area at the MC Airport 25-4. The Nay voters were concerned about pollution in Black and Brown neighborhoods and requested to see the environmental report .

County legislators were appointed to numerous local boards.