COMIDA Meeting March 26, 2024

Summary of COMIDA Meeting for March 26th, 2024
Observed by Deborah Rice Gordon
This COMIDA meeting can be viewed at:  Please note that the video does not include the local labor monitoring or exemptions reports.

Project Application Reviews:  
Requests for sales tax exemptions, recording tax exemptions and/or real property tax abatements were approved for the following projects: Project Modifications:
The following modification requests were approved: Executive Director Discussion: Committee Updates:

Audit Committee: Finance Committee: Governance Committee: Election of Officers:
A motion to appoint the following officers was passed:
Ann Burr as Chair, Jay Popli as Vice Chair, Troy Milne as Secretary, Lisa Bolzner as Treasurer.  The Contracting Officer is the Executive Director, Ana Liss.

The meeting was adjourned.